Recreational Showcases

Consumers are creatures of habit. They buy the same things at the same stores for the same purposes week after week. Sometimes these habits are a blessing, but often they make driving additional sales a difficult proposition. Retailers and Suppliers share a common challenge, and Matrix Merchandising is ready to provide the solution.

Matrix Merchandising’s Recreational Showcases focus on products’ purposes and gather them together in a demonstration showcase that will create wider and deeper sales for both the store and for the supplier. Not only will new customers be introduced to the featured products, but existing customers will be exposed to new ways of thinking about a product that they already love, thereby increasing the occasions on which to purchase. People associate coolers with their trips to the beach, for example, but how many consumers associate cooler purchases as part of their hurricane preparedness buying? Of those, how many calculate the cost of buying cases of water every year vs. filling a cooler or two with fresh drinking water?
















The concept is simple. By bringing a number of vendors together into one showcase, the cost for each vendor is diffused. In addition, because products are associated with an activity, the purpose for purchase is clear to the consumer. Finally, because trained demonstrators are on hand to explain and even to sample product, objections to purchase by consumers are more easily overcome, resulting in higher sales not only on the day of the event, but for as long as the consumer continues to buy that product type.Stores need only supply a location and then ring up the sales that ensue. There is no charge to the retailer.

The possibilities for Recreational Showcases are unlimited. We welcome the opportunity to help you introduce a new product or to aid in repurposing an existing product, but have prepared a number of standard showcases in order to get you started, some of which are to your right.

To be a part of one of our Recreational Showcases, please complete the contact form here. There is no downside to throwing your hat in the ring--in the event that you’re not sure if a Recreational Showcase is the right fit for you and your company, bear in mind that for as little as $25 you can have your product featured in an event. That miniscule investment allows you to visit the Showcase, to evaluate and enjoy it, and to provide feedback regarding the changes you would like to see before committing to more. Give it a try, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Standard Showcases?
Backyard Barbecue
Hurricane/Natural Disaster Preparedness
Precious Pets!
Tailgating USA
Decorating with Houseplants
Family Fishing Fun
Cozy Camping
Crafting Kids
Fabulous Flowers!
Creative Car Care
Every showcase includes:
An eye-catching banner
2 demonstrators
Set up and take down of the display
4 hours of the Showcase time at the peak of business
Other services that can be added include:
Product Sampling
Literature/Coupon/Sample Distribution
Video POP installation and maintenance

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