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John Murphy

John Murphy

Business Development Manager

Although John's title is Business Development Manager, he has filled a great many additional roles within the company. He began as the "fixer"--the person who we sent all over the Southeast in order to take care of situations that didn't meet our standards, and from there progressed through the ranks as Territory Supervisor, Human Resources Specialist, Operations Manager, and Area Manager.

Those varied roles and others during his 14 year career in retail make John a particularly complete merchant. He has seen it all, and knows almost instinctively what the best solution is for every challenge. He functions exceptionally as a liaison between our clients and our team as a result, and sees the opportunities that most of us miss. John knows how to help you and your company overcome whatever obstacles might be in your path.

If you want to find John on the weekends, you'll have to travel to northern Alabama where he lives with his wife Rachel and their two children. You might be able to catch him at one of the kids' sporting events, but the best bet is to look on all the streams and rivers that criss-cross the area for a little yellow kayak and a guy with a fishing rod. (He would love to manage merchandising for fishing tackle, and already has a million ideas!)


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