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Matrix Merchandising offers jobs across a broad spectrum of types and descriptions that allow us to employ a widely diverse group of people who are focused on one thing--execution of merchandising programs and standards. Most people who work for us value the fact that their schedule is flexible enough to allow them to balance their work life with their personal lives. Some want just a few hours of work per week in order to earn a little extra money for the finer things in life and to give them a chance to make new friends and to exercise their bodies. Others have made Matrix Merchandising their career choice, finding the entrepreneurial spirit and family flavor of the company a comfortable fit with their own ideals and preferences, and appreciating the freedom that they are afforded to make their future with the company whatever they can imagine. Although most of our positions are part-time and a number of them are seasonal, we are always looking for talented people to fill full time and salaried positions who can help us become even better.
In all, if you are looking for a company that will provide you with opportunity, if you are flexible, self-motivated, and hard working, and if you find job satisfaction in making sure that everything is in its place and that there is a place for everything, please apply with us today. We can't wait to meet you!


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