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Matrix Merchandising is a Merchandising Service Organization--in short, a company that is expert at executing visual merchandising and shopper marketing tasks within retail stores. Specifically, we take merchandising and marketing plans from the source--space planning, suppliers, marketing, buying, operations, etc.--and execute them at the store level, especially in those instances when it is difficult for store personnel to do so or when it is more important for them to focus on sales rather than on restocking and housekeeping. In addition, we serve as unbiased observers at store level whose attention can be focused on minute aspects of your business to return information that often determines the success or failure of a product, program or category.

There are a lot of merchandising companies out there. Matrix is different, however, because we focus on the retail customer and their reaction to the condition and appearance of displays. Put simply, we believe that if sales are not increasing as a result of our attention, we are failing. As a result, we train every merchandiser who we hire, certify many as merchandising professionals, and use only our own employees, never independent contractors.

At Matrix Merchandising, we understand that our people are the most important piece of the puzzle, not only in our operational and financial success, but also in our relationships with our customers. As a result, we have included a few biographies of key personnel within the company to give you an idea of who Matrix is, and to let you see firsthand the dedication to and passion for retail merchandising that our team carries with it. We have also included our Merchandising Philosophy and our Guiding Principles to allow everyone to understand why we do what we do. We think you'll find, after reading through the different sections of this page, that we truly stand apart from other Merchandising Service Organizations, and that regardless of the product or channel within which you operate, Matrix is the best choice to help you drive your sales.



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