Matrix Merchandising is a full-service Merchandising Service Organization focused on the in-store execution of merchandising plans, programs and planograms at retailers across the country. Whether it is simple cut-in work, recurring stocking and maintenance service, information gathering, product demonstration, or an entire reset based on seasonality, remodeling or any other motivator, Matrix Merchandising is the best choice for any retailer, large or small. All of our merchandisers are employees of the company who have undergone a background check and who have been trained--not independent contractors hired for a day or two--allowing us to execute any merchandising task at world-class levels. Whether you are a retailer who needs support for your over-tasked in-store employees or a vendor who is having trouble keeping your product looking sharp, Matrix Merchandising guarantees excellent service and complete execution. We invite everyone to follow the links below above to learn more about Matrix Merchandising and the exceptional level of in-store service and execution that we offer.

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Visit the about page for more information regarding company insights, learn more about the management team as well as our merchandising superstars.

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Contact Matrix Merchandising for more information including, how to become a client, more about jobs, and to get moregeneral company information.

Recreational Showcase
Rec. Showcase

The concept is simple. By bringing a number of vendors together into one showcase, the cost for each vendor is diffused.

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